The Story of Charlier2WPadmin


We would like to take a moment to introduce you to our resident spirit…”Charlie.” Legend has it that in the early 1900s Charlie was a live-in caretaker in our building above which was at the time the Elk’s Lodge No. 51.

He resided on the upper most level of the building above the game room. One dark night Charlie died in that very room. The reason for his passing remains a mystery, but one thing is for sure, he must have loved his home here…because he never left and now and again he likes to let us know he’s still here.

Over the past century there have been many “Charlie” sightings throughout the building at various times and locations. No one knows exactly when or where Charlie may pop up next, but he has always presented himself in a friendly manner. In fact you may happen across a dime if you’re lucky. Charlie leaves them behind sometimes for those that he has grown fond of.

Old Elks Lodge

He must also have enjoyed time in the kitchen because in his room we found his diary of recipes. Some of his favorite dishes are here on the menu. Give them a try. I’m sure you’ll like them too. So as long as you enjoy your meal and visit with us, know that all of us here at the Buckeye Sports Lodge (Charlie included) appreciate your patronage and hope to see you soon.